I am a passionate about baking bread and I do it for the last year. My knowledge was not enough, but I wanted to bake perfect and tasty bread. My husband Mariusz bought me a Christmas gift of Serious Sourdough Course.
Had a pleasure of participating in Serious Sourdough Course, organized by Riot Rye – Joe Fitzmaurice & Julie Lockett, on 30th of January 2016. Joe turned out to be very patient, caring and lovable person, which with his huge enthusiasm introduced us to his mystic passion. I have to admit though, to the huge gaps in my knowledge, to be honest they started to scare me and made me feel a little bit upset. The theory that you have in the books is one thing, but practice in a nice atmosphere and under a professional eye is something completely different.
Joe showed us a drop in the ocean of his knowledge, constantly pointing out our mistakes and spend time with every individual. Each one of us brought a bread that they baked by themselves and we shared our experience. During the course we baked our own breads and bread rolls, which we took home to share with our beloved ones. The course was done very professionally with a big content of material to take in and a pinch of a good humour, which Joe and Julie shared with us. We had an opportunity to have an amazing lunch, which Julie has made with fresh vegetables and eco products from nearby farm. The opportunity to try different kind of sourdough bread, was really amazing.
Speaking about the course itself… There is only one negative thing that I can think of – the course is definitely too short. I would love to be there for much longer, despite huge, huge tiredness!! 🙂
Amazing course. It isn’t too expensive and I can guarantee you that it is worth the investment. Knowledge that I took from here will definitely not go to waste. It doesn’t have the right to do so. The bread that we baked together will definitely be used as a good comparison for the future. Nothing more than wish Joe and Julie, all the best in the future courses and all imaginable successes. I am not able to express enough in the blog post, but Joe and Julie… Thank you so much! Ilona 🙂

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