This year’s June is going to be phenomenal! The beginning of summer (wow!), June Bank Holiday weekend, first strawberries and… International Food Truck Festival in Limerick!
You were able to try food from over 20 Food Trucks (supposedly from across Europe), serving burgers, pancakes, pizza, hot dogs and other dishes from around the world. There are also vegetarian and vegan delicacies, food trucks serving sweet food (chocolate and pancakes) and, above all, ice cream truck which on a hot day is a necessity.

Great expectations because it’s the International Food Truck Festival… And a big disappointment, because most merchants are known to every Limerick resident either from the Milk Market or from the Urban Garden. We have not been able to invite a more differentiated food trucks. The burgers and meat dishes were predominant at the festival. Prices were also not the lowest. But my biggest disappointment was the products that were used by the sellers… The ubiquitous Lidl rolls, ready sauces and marketed in-stock. I do not choose food at the festival, which I can buy in the market, or prepare them from semi-finished products… Why I have to pay extra for it.

Limerick International Food Truck Festival
the Vegan Moodleys with Bláthach

For me, a person who did not eat meat, something could also be found. My first choice was a vegan burger from EAT MY VEG Moodley’s Vegan Food Truck.
Well, the portion did not belong to the largest ones, but it is hard to have something to complain about.
Soft roll, and in the middle a nice piece of “meat”, one leaf of lettuce, a pinch of grated carrots, garlic sauce… Oh, and ketchup.
‘Meat’ which was juicy and breaking apart witch each bite, refreshing lettuce and characteristic sauce. Cost – 7euro.
Worth it? For me – YES, I love to try vegan dishes which inspire new tastes, or compare such dishes to my own kitchen.

Limerick International Food Truck Festival
Food Truck Festival with Bláthach

The second day we started with vegetarian pizza from wood fired oven.
The first thing I thought of was a brilliant, thin and elastic dough.
The pizza was not completely baked, if only given maybe 20 seconds more and it would be perfect.
I will not criticize because it was very tasty and was a glimmer of hope in the festival.
Ideally balanced combination of cover, quantity and quality matched perfectly. Cost – 10 euros for 10 inches.
Decently acceptable.
The Pizza Rocket – wood fired gourmet pizza.
Hot Tasty Pizza

Limerick International Food Truck Festival
Food Truck Festival with Bláthach

Interesting variety of street food was the Lebanese falafel…
It’s also something for vegan from Chez Rose food truck.
Served in two ways: in a tortilla or on a plate.
Both versions with iceberg lettuce and sauce.
Very good, amazingly fried falafel in the form of balls.
Well-seasoned with cumin, used in a reasonable amount, added interesting bitter and herbal aftertaste.
The price of the set on the plate is 10 euro, and in the tortilla 7 euro.
Good taste but… And again but… The tortilla was ready-bought in the store, and the sauces were in large containers (made in Belgium).

I expected street food to be prepared by truck owners from scratch, and if not, they would be products that are not available in every store and I cannot create such dishes myself… I’m naive.

The positive thing is that such a festival came to Limerick, and for the first time it was quite successful. I would like it to have a permanent presence in our city and to have Limerick food trucks on the map of my visits. Maybe there will be more variety in the year to come. See you in a year.


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