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Shopping – simple rule:
When you buy products low-processed without additions, you avoid eating such substances as glucose-fructose syrup, artificial flavours, carrageenan, stabilizers, thickeners, palm oil, preservatives.

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E330 – Citric Acid we know as a food additive, but in reality it is mainly used as a natural component of many foods. It is corresponding to the refreshing taste and sour lemon and orange and occurs even in fruits such as black currant.
Citric acid is present in all aerobic living organisms because it is one of the basic compounds of the Krebs cycle – the last stage of acquiring the energy contained in organic compounds.

In the food market found fairly widespread use as a natural acidifier. Lowering the pH not only improves the taste of many products, but also positively affects their stability or durability allows for so much milder heat treatment. It should be emphasized that the citric acid is not a preservative and not prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Its beneficial effects is related to the fact that in an acidic environment is very important for human food ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants are more stable. Therefore adding to the natural source of vitamin C with low acidity of citric acid slightly raise the level of this important vitamin in the finished product. The popularity of the use of citric acid in the food industry is connected with its virtually 100% security – hence the EU rules do not impose restrictions on permissible quantities. This does not mean that the additive will be particularly high. The citric acid is acidic, which it limits its applicability to human tolerable level of acidity of the products.

Although on the Internet can find information about the dangers of citric acid – it is not confirmed by facts hysteria. This compound is produced naturally in the similar manner as sauerkraut, except that citric acid does not form by bacteria, but harmless to human strains mold. This substance, however, has its drawbacks – regardless of whether it is naturally contained in a fruit or has been added to the product – it promotes the formation of caries and in combination with certain drugs, such as medications to prevent heartburn or a tea – to increased release of harmful metals such as aluminum. Therefore, all products of acid should be consumed in moderate quantities.

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